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Yesterday evening I safely arrived in Poitiers (F).
Today I will drive to Burgos (Es), and saterday I will arrive in Evoramonte (Pt).
It is a long trip, for me and my paintings, especially yesterday was, but it is beautiful to see the landscapes change. Already time to select some thoughts and ideas, and preparing for the solo show and residency.
The Portugal transporting system ; ready to go!
Getting everything packed for Portugal!
5 of the still availeble paintings will be joining me on our journey to Portugal and for the exhibition
"So os caminhos eram meus", that is opening on saterday the 8 th of September!
Please note :  The vernissage of the exhibition in Evora is shifted to saterday the 8th of September.
The exhibition will be open to visitors from the 5th of September. "So os caminhos eram meus", palacio Dom Manuel, Evora
Organized by Municipal de Evora & Fundacao OBRAS
I would like to realize a publication about the big influence of Portugal on my work (after 2 soloshows, and 3 residencies in Alentejo). The influence is visible in my paintings, silkscreenprints, and last year I started using the portuguese technique of azulejos in my own work.
If you would like to participate for the realisation of this publication with 250 euros, you will be mentioned by name in the publication, you will receive this publication, and also, as an extra 'thank you’, you will be invited to my studio to select an oil painting of 20 x 30 cm by choice.

Subscription will be possible until the 30th of August 2012
To apply or for more information, please contact me at

Today I enjoyed a very inspiring studio visit by one of our participants.
Yesterday I worked the nightshift to finish the small waterlily paintings.

It will be possible to participate to realise this publication until the end of August!
Most of the paintings in the photo above are still available.
So if you would like some more information, or you would like to participate,
please let me know :
all preparations for Portugal are also starting!
I'm selecting all the paintings, silkscreenprints and azulejos for the solo exhibition at Palacio Dom Manuel in Evora in september 2012!
Studioview 14-08-2012
Just finished the new paintings ; so for the participants who didnt make a choice yet (or of course for people that would still like to participate!) these paintings are still available.

At the end of August this project will end, so please if you would like to participate, let me know, so we can both get a win-win deal : for you a beautiful, original oil painting of 20 x 30 cm. as a thank you for participating with 250 euros (normally these paintings cost 750 euros), and together we will be able to realize a beautiful publication about the influence of Portugal on my work.

For everybody that is already participating : thank you sooo much for your support and interest!

The publication "So os caminhos eram meus" will be presented in the spring of 2013! 
NEW! @ my studio
And looking forward to a upcoming studio visit today!