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The beautiful Palacio Dom Manuel em Jardim Publico em Evora! Tomorrow we will be building down the exhibition...already almost a month ago we here opened the exhibition "So os caminhos eram meus"!!
Thank you so much everybody for visiting the exhibition, for the nice reaction in the guestbook at the exhibition, and of course for joining us at the opening of this show!!
A special thank you to everybody connected to Palacio Dom Manuel, and of course a big thank you to the Camara Municipal de Evora and Fundacao OBRAS for this great oppertunity :
Thank you for this beautiful solo exhibition and all of your help!!

It has been a like a dream realizing the exhibition and all the plans for the publication now here in Portugal, after 1,5 years of preparation!!
Studioviews of today!!
Visit of the Convento de Sao Paulo in the Serra d'Ossa
One of the many places where I have been this year to study the portuguese azulejo tradition.
This was spectaculair quality!!
Together with the Museu dos Alzulejos em Lisboa my favourite visit!

Today was the final presentation at OBRAS!
At 17.00 h. I showed my collegues the paintings I have been working on in  my studio and also the freshly baked azulejos. After this working period i discovered that for sure i want to persui the ceramics, as well as the blue/white and black/white, as well as the newly designed flowervases. Through working here in Portugal with the mestre, I now have lots of new ideas and possibilities I would like to work on in the near future. This is also true for my paintings, in the paintings I have used a new kind of green (for me), and in one painting I am even using 3 different shades of blue. So..all new developments, also concerning the topics!

The rest of the day was also just perfect. A long day in the studio, where I was able to finish some of my paintings. I also started a new small painting in pink/black inspired by the rocky shores of the Algarve. I have the beginning I'm only just starting! So many ideas so little time.... Just a great f…
Working with the Mestre in ceramics in Redondo
Another thing I was enourmously looking forward during my stay in Alentejo : making new azulejos!! Like last year I made three azulejos in white and blue, this time square shaped. And i also experimented with 2 tiles in the color black, I'm really happy with the result and I will continue this technique in the future, I am already sure of that!
(unfortunately 1 tile cracked during the baking process..).
And I also painted two (self designed) flower vases, this I also loved doing, so more of this too in the future! the last week I learned a lot, and I am also sure that I really want to continue my ceramic art.
Underneath some photos of the process of making all the new ceramic works, later the photos of some of the results will follow too.
Thank you mestre Xico!!

And for a short update : the last few days the weather was really "for working purposes" :), not a lot of sun, and rain at night. The coming days will be 27 degrees …
!!!!!IMPORTANTE!!! Infelizmente, temos cancelar o finissage de amanhã....
Por causa da manifestações em Lisboa o jardim publicó estão fechados e este e pourque o acesso à exposição não é possível. Nós podemos lhe oferece amanha (14.00-17.00 h.) um visita no estúdio de Ingrid Simons de Fundacao OBRAS em Evoramonte de ver suas novos trabalhos inspirado para Portugal.
Por favor, faça um nomeação via Fundacao OBRAS ou
Well it has been quite busy here!
Starting and finishing some paintings, arranging the appointment for my "letter" project the upcoming week, for the publication, and friday and saterday I painted new azulejos and even two vases in Redondo! It went very well, and I am really looking forward to seeing the results!
On thursday they will be ready (a photo impression will follow then!).
And we were in Lisboa last weekend, where I again encountered a lot of inspiration in Sintra, just breathtaking!

So after a few very, very busy days here in Portugal, it's time for a photo update :
The work in my studio is coming along nicely! Inspiration enough, also in this different season!

Small presentation of my silkscreens inspired by Portugal, mostly Sintra, for my artist talk at Fundacao OBRAS

My studio

My artist talk at OBRAS, while visiting my studio

 The beginning of a new, colourful painting, that I (probably) have finished today after a long day in my studio!
 I'm also workin…
Today we went to my exhibition in Evora, to receive a portuguese friend of ours, after that we admired the azulejos in the church, across from the Diana Chapel, beautiful!
And we made new plans with Xico, for making the new azulejos.
Tomorrow and saterday I will go to Redondo and paint the new azulejos tiles and also a new vase, also inspired by the portuguese tradition.
The coming week I'm hoping to finish my paintings, and we will have conversations in the exhibition in Evora, with 5 portuguese participants ; the letters that they will write me after these talks, will be presented in the publication.

 We will have a finissage at the last the of the exhibition, the 29th of September, so we would like to invite you to join us for the last afternoon of the exhibition "So os caminhos eram meus" in Palacio Dom Manuel in Evora.  From 14.00-17.00 I will be present and of course also available for a talk about my work.
Another day of painting!
Raposa @ Pego da Sino
Today my presentation @ OBRAS, Portugal
Weather is great here, actually..I'm sorry...35 degrees...not complaining at all! I started my big paintings, what a wonderfull way to paint, outside, and the whole day to...paint!
Estou feliz!!
All sketches for the three bigger paintings (100 x 140 cm.) are made.
Yesterday morning i have started painting them outside, and later that day i worked some more in the studio. Because of the high temperatures here, i decide to put the basic layer of thin paint on in the open air, and work all day, except for 1700.-19.30, because of the heat.
Visit to the chapel of Sainte Isabella in Estremoz. I visited the chapel last year, and liked so much i really wanted to return this year. We had to wait till 15.00 h. for the lady with the key, but it was worth while ; she told all the anekdotes, like with this painting ; Queen Isabella wanted to take care of the poor by bringing them bread every morning. Her husband, the king, didn't want that, so he forbid her. One morning he caught her, with her dress filled with bread. When he asked her what she was doing, she told him, that she was collecting roses, because that early in the morning thgey were best to make parfum. When he checked her d…
One of my first azulejos at the beginning of the exhibtion!!!
I also just wanted to say thank you for all your sweet messages and support, and the likes on Facebook ; it is very much appreciated!!
Mestre Xico (Pt)
After a really successfull and exciting weekend, the work has already begun here.
The last few days I prepared my studio and my canvasses, and selected some photos and ideas to work with. Today we went to the mestre in ceramics to talk about new plans.
Next week I will paint the new azulejos and new paintings!
This week still looking forward to our two days visit to Algarve and a visit to the end of the world!

Yesterday was the grand opening of "So os caminhos eram meus"
Palacio Dom Manuel, Evora (Pt)
Thank you all for a beautiful day! Here below a short impression of the day  (The exhibition can be visited until 29th of September)