Posts uit mei, 2015 weergeven
A film beautiful film impression of my residency back in 2011 here in Alentejo, Portugal at the Fundacao OBRAS by Ludger van der Eerden. Please click this link underneath : Een mooie impressies van mijn residency in 2011 gemaakt door Ludger van der Eerden
I have been working really (really) hard, and I enjoy it so much! Because I can work long days, development within my ceramic work and my paintings gets accelurated! I am so loving this! Here the results! Tomorrow I can pick up part of the fired endresults. I am really curious and keeping my fingers crossed, that nothing broke. Next posts well be about my paintings. Despite the heat I have been working in the morning and the evening on my third and fourth big canvasses of 200 x 130 cm. It is a great oppertunity to do that here. I forgot how I love working on these big sized canvasses! Thank you for visiting! Grande abraco!
Yesterday was a great, enjoyable day : I was filmed while painting my big (200 x 130 cm.) painting outside by the Portugues national television. Directly after all takes a thunderstorm started. I am really looking forward to seeing the result! Thank you so much!
My special small azulejos that I painted. They will be presented in a new installation of mine, that will be presented in the Netherlands! Here a view of a few of the 23 pieces before firing.
Last week I was working the whole week on my ceramic works that needed to be finished last friday. I was long days and nights inside in the ceramic studios and in my house painting my new vases and azulejos, and I started a new project in ceramics, photos of that will follow later. Mestre Xico made these beautiful vases after my drawings and Luis made all the azulejos. Mestre Xico at work for the feira Plates drying in the sun in the street My flower vases ready to go to Casa Miradour to be painted Sunset at the Fundacao And we visited the exhibition in Estremoz. Unfortunately now it is closed, due to building activities, but the museum will be officially re-opened Saterday the 22th of June, and also my exhibition will be re-opened and some of the exhibition will be reshaped too. It will be prolonged until the 30th of June. And the work in the Casa Miradour has started. This is a azulejo in two shades of blue,