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NEW Now on view in the exhibition 'Jardim Secreto', Castelo de Evoramonte
I just returned from four very inspiring days in Lisboa.
I had the oppertunity to visit the Museu dos Azulejos, Museu de Arte Antiga, Gulbenkian, an true traditional azulejo factory in Belem. Beautiful collections of paintings, azulejos and other ceramics!
In the Jardim Botanico in Lisboa and the Parque Monserrat in Sintra I was able to make beautiful pictures for new paintings, azulejos and silkscreenprints. Also at this time the landscapes in Alentejo are beautiful, with all their greens in the meadows, filled with flowers of all colours.
With all these inspirations in mind I have started my 3 big canvasses with the basic layer. Today we visited Mestre Xico to talk about all the plans for the new azulejos (ceramic tiles) and new vases, that I would like to make. On saterday I can start with those.
Grande abraco from Alentejo!

Four saxophones and the paintings by Ingrid Simons

4saxue plays for Ingrid Simons :  4saxue playing at the inauguration of  'Jardim Secreto', Castelo de Evoramonte (Pt), 18th of May 2013 by Ludger van der Eerden, Fundacao Obras (Pt)
For all of your interest, reactions and of course joining us for the opening of the exhibition and the presentation of the publication! It was just a perfect day! Here are some flowers from the meadows filled with flowers from the estate of the Herdade de Marmeleira (Fundacao Obras, Pt)

Also this week I made some new photos within the exhibition and of the book, with a real Portuguese background!
But...the publication will be a Portugues secret until the revealing in the Netherlands in October at Huub Hannen Gallery!! The publication is now presented in the Castelo de Evoramonte in a special 'azulejos' room.

And work has also started at Fundacao Obras :
Lots of inspiration is to be found, and the first sketches on the canvasses have been made.  Also next week the work with the ceramic master in Redondo will start for my azulejos project! At this moment I am in Lisboa, doing research for all of this : t
oday I was at the Gulbenkian Museum and the Museu dos A…
Vernissage of  'Jardim Secreto' Presentation of the prepublication 'So os caminhos eram meus' Saterday 18th of May 2013, Castelo de Evoramonte (Pt) Photos by Mark van den Eijnden

My arrival at Fundacao Obras

Castelo de Evoramonte (Pt)
After building the exhibition with Ludger on thursday and friday, yesterday was the grand vernissage of the exhibition and the presentation of the prepublication of 'So os caminhos eram meus'
Exposicao 'Jardim Secreto'

Before the presentation of the publication, the book is still covered!