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Sonho, 20 x 30 cm., oil on linen TONIGHT my SONHO (dream) will be become reality! Thank to all you participating! I will be collecting the first publications of 'So os caminhos eram meus' at the designers !!! 'So os caminhos eram meus' will be presented in Portugal during the vernissage of my solo exhibition "Jardim Secreto", Castelo Evoramonte on saterday the 18th of May at 17.00 h!!! On saterday the 19th of October 'So os caminhos eram meus' will be presented for the first time in the Netherlands in the midst of a solo exhibition of new work made in Portugal this spring @ Huub Hannen Galerie, Maastricht We hope you will come and celebrate with us! On this blog i will be sharing photos of my residency and solo exhibition this spring.