Posts uit mei, 2014 weergeven
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Improvisation on piano by Nico Huijbregts,inspired by the painting "Paraiso II", by Ingrid Simons

At the Open Studios @ Fundacao Obras, Evoramonte, Portugal This beautiful improvisation by Nico Huijbregts was inspired by my new Portugues painting "Paraiso II", 100 x 140 cm., oil on linen (2014) 25th of May 2014
"Our" Casa Miradour
Beautiful sunset this morning. Made a beautiful morning walk, and then started painting early, inspired by the beautiful morning light

Mist in the morning
After the open studios last sunday

Works in progress:

Thank you very much for coming to our open studios @ Fundacao Obras!!

Just before leaving to the vernissage in Forum Eugenio de Almeido, Evora,
to see the new show of Marta Palau, last friday

Mr Pintasilgo

Nossa casa Miradour

Working on a series of small paintings about the changes in light in Alentejano landscapes, during my stay here, a painting a day.

Graphic art presentation at my artist talk last wednesday, just before the studiovisit