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And me & my new work have returned to the Netherlands. Here a few photos of my newest Portugal works in my studio in the Netherlands!
Already longing to return to Alentejo!
Again this residency was so inspirational!

This is also for now the last update, but.... very good news: i will be returning to Alentejo and Fundacao Obras in the spring of 2015!! I am so glad!
Then this blog will also be updated like you are used to, every 2, 3 days an update!
Thank you for following!! And I hope to meet you all soon, to catch up & to show you these work "ao vivo"!
Some photos from my last day in Alentejo :

The house
The studio

And yes, finished the last painting!!
And the beuatiful little owl that was there every morning and evening at sunset!!

Beautiful sunset, as ever!!