Posts uit juni, 2013 weergeven
Até logo Alentejo!!! Obrigada tanto queridos amigos e amigas de Fundacao Obras e de Portugal!! Foi muitooo bom!! Thank you so much for the great time dear friends of Fundacao Obras and Portugal!! I enjoyed so much! It was a very nice book launch and opening of the exhibition in the castelo of Evoramonte, that I'm very proud of (thank you for this great oppertunity!). I had a very inspiring residency, I learned a lot, and as a result, there are new paintings, azulejos and vases! It was also great to see all these new works presented last Saturday at the final presentation of my residency in the exhibition space at the foundation. Thank you all kind friends, for everything! And I hope to come back again soon! Obrigado por tudo! Espero voltar em breve! Bem-vindo Holanda!
  Yesterday was the last day of the workshop of Maria de Freitas, and yesterday morning we opened the oven together, to see the results. Everything was well fired, nothing broke. I really liked the results, so nice to experiment with help of the examples of the masters. And for the first time the use of yellow! I learned a lot of technical skills in this workshop! And was a nice group of participants! Thank you! After that I yesterday afternoon started repainting two azulejos at the Museo do Barro with Luis, so that after the first two azulejos were broken, I can still realize my big panel of 4 azulejos of each 30 x 40 cm, total 60 x 80 cm.! Tomorrow I will be ‘re’painting an azulejos of 30 x 30 cm, and a new panel Luis made for me, will be a surprise, something new! After returning from Redondo, I got such great help from Ludger! Unbelievable! We were building the final presentation of my residency in a shirt amount of time, and it looks so good! I am so happy with
Today I joined a workshop on the traditional way of painting azulejos in the Museum of the Convento Sao Paulo in Redondo by Maria de Freitas, I liked a lot. It was such a great experience 're'drawing old masterpieces and I learned so much! And for the first time I used the combination blue-yellow.   Tomorrow we will see the results when the oven opens in the morning! After that I will be painting 3 new azulejos for my own project, unfortunately almost all azulejos three new ones to restore the big panel of 4 big azulejos could be arranged, I'm so lucky!   All the vases are fine and look beautiful! really happy with those, new shapes and new paintings!   After that I will be returning to Obras to make my end presentation of the residency! Monday already the building down of the exhibition!   Time flies when you're having fun (and working hard!)