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Final presentation residency May & June 2014 Fundação OBRAS, Evoramonte, Portugal

With this final presentation I am showing all work made in Alentejo, Portugal, during this residency. My new ceramic work will be presented in Sala Rossio, and my newest paintings in the studio Branco in which I worked.

Presentation of my new ceramic work, Sala Rossio
When I started painting my first 3 azulejos of 40 x 30 cm. with Mestre Xico in 2011, I could have never expected this to become a complete new direction in my work. In 2012 I continued with a few more azulejos & I painted two vases that the mestre had made by hand. After this residency I was sure that these ceramics were not just ‘a fling’, but that I really wanted to continue on this path. Due to this, at the end of 2012 I wrote my proposal for a research project, which told about my desire to research the Portuguese azulejo tradition and the Dutch Delftsblauw (Royal Blue) tradition, and I was curious how it would influence and contri…
And arrived home safely!

More will follow in a few days!
80 x 60 cm.
100 x 140 cm.

50 x 50 cm.

100 x 140 cm.

Photos of my
FINAL PRESENTATION at Fundacao OBRAS, last sunday the 15th of June

Last sunday the 15th of June was my final presentation at Fundacao OBRAS in Alentejo, Portugal. It was such a great residency, so much inspiration, and great to be able to work in the studio the whole day! And so I did, during the whole residency. I have been able to experiment with new ideas, colors and techniques. At OBRAS I painted in the studio Branco and Ludger made an outside studio for me & for my ceramic work I was very well supported by Mestre Xico & Luis, and worked in their studios. It was fantastic!
Thank you all for following, your inspiration and support, being great company and of course for visiting the final presentation!!

(more photos will follow later of me presenting my work,
and a more detailled text about what I made & discovered)

Presentation of my ceramic works of May & June
in the Sala Rossio

My (one of two) new "Pia de agua bente", as an ode to nature