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Dutch presentation of the publication, 19th of October 2013, Huub Hannen Gallery, Maastricht

What great memories of the presentation of the pre publication in the Castelo of Evoramonte (Pt)!! Thank you so much for all the enthousiastic reactions on this preversion of the publication! Now we are preparing for the dutch presentation of the final version of the publication 'So os caminhos eram meus' on saterday the 19th of October 2013 in the midst of a solo exhibition of my 'Portugal inspired' work at Huub Hannen Gallery, Maastricht.
The participants, who made this publication (a tributed to the influence of Alentejo, Portugal on my work) possible through their support, will on that day, recieve their own publication, but only after a very special presentation of this book, that will only be visible that day.
It will be a true collectors item, and only a few will be available for sale.
We hope to welcome you the 19th of October @ Huub Hannen Gallery! Thsnk you for your support!

Final presentation @ Fundacao OBRAS

Final presentation @ Fundacao Obras!!