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A few paintings are waiting to be choosen

My studio after work tonight

And the official "making of the Portugal publication" has started!

These small paintings are still available too choose from concerning the participation for the realization of the publication "So os caminhos eram meus".
If you would like to reserve a painting please send me an email :

Deze (kleine) schilderijen zijn nog beschikbaar om uit te kiezen bij participatie aan de realisatie van de publicatie "So os caminhos eram meus".
Als u een van deze schilderijen wilt reserveren kunt u me een email sturen :
SAUDADE :)!! Some more pictures of the beautiful exhibition in Evora!
"So os caminhos eram meus", Palacio Dom Manuel, Evora

The crew for building the exhibition of "So os caminhos eram meus" at Palacio Dom Manuel em Evora!! Ps we miss Ludger in this picture, because he's making this photo :)!)
Thank you so much!!! Muito obrigado!!
As you can see I'm already selecting my photos!
This week the new paintings from Portugal, and the last small paintings for the participation project are going to the photographer. And this week hopefully there will be some news concerning the location of the presentation of this publication! And I would really like to thank everybody who is participating and for following this blog!!
Thank you for your support! Ps.
If you would like to forward the address to this blog, please do!
(a few more participants would be great!!)
The results of the "flower"vases after the baking process!!
I loved working with ceramics again! More to come in the future!

The paintings that are still available!
(That also just returned from their journey to Portugal :))
If you have an interest in one of these paintings and you would like to reserve, or maybe you would like to participate, please contact me at
Last day at OBRAS, mist in the early morning!

Ludger, thank you so much with helping me with the loading of all the fresh paintings!!
On my way back to the Netherlands, a 3 day travel!
Just to let you know i arrived safely back in the Netherlands!!!
What a perfect time it was...still impressed ;)!!

So now time for some promised photos of the last days in OBRAS and therefore Portugal!!

Finishing the final paintings

And one of the last days I started a new painting...inspired by our trip to the Algarve! 
The last week I also worked a lot at night, to be able to finish the paintings.

And the azulejos I made!
I have made three blue azulejos, and two black azulejos (unfortunately one broke during the backing process..). But after this working period with the mestre I am more sure then ever that I need to discover a lot more, so now I am even more inspired to develop my ceramic works further! 

And another new inspiration : the traditional portuguese flower vases!

After this residency I am even more filled with inspiration and ideas!
So I am really looking forward to realizing these dreams and developing my works further and further!
Today I said my goodbyes at OBRAS... What a fantastic time it was...there are no other words to describe...well...I can't even begin to tell you in how many ways this 5 weeks influenced me..I have been lucky to meet so many inspiring people, and now I return home with great memories, an enourmous amount of pictures for the publication and new work, the memory of the beautiful solo exhibition, and of course, in my car, the new paintings and the new azulejos!
And so many new ideas...I hope i will find the possibilities to explore them all.

So thank you so much Ludger and Carolien (Fundacao OBRAS)!!!
And a special thanx to for Margarida e Antonio!
E mestre Xico!!
And all my "old" and new friend in the beautiful Alentejo/Portugal!! Muito muito muito obrigado!!

Today i arrived safely at Briviesca (Es), and tomorrow the next stop will be Poitiers (F).
The coming week, after I am "a little bit" used to life in the Netherlands again :), and a bit rested from the great travel…
Voor de participanten, die nog geen schilderij gekozen hebben, dit zijn een paar van de nog beschikbare schilderijen (behalve het groene bospad).
Al deze werken hebben ook bij de solo expositie in Evora gehangen.
Mocht u een werk willen reserveren, kunt u dat via aan mij doorgeven.

For the participants, that haven't chosen a painting yet, these are a few of the paintings that are still available (except for the green "forest path" painting).
All these paintings were in the exhibition in Evora.
If you would like to reserve a painting, you can let me know by sending me an email :