Today I said my goodbyes at OBRAS...
What a fantastic time it was...there are no other words to describe...well...I can't even begin to tell you in how many ways this 5 weeks influenced me..I have been lucky to meet so many inspiring people, and now I return home with great memories, an enourmous amount of pictures for the publication and new work, the memory of the beautiful solo exhibition, and of course, in my car, the new paintings and the new azulejos!
And so many new ideas...I hope i will find the possibilities to explore them all.

So thank you so much Ludger and Carolien (Fundacao OBRAS)!!!
And a special thanx to for Margarida e Antonio!
E mestre Xico!!
And all my "old" and new friend in the beautiful Alentejo/Portugal!!
Muito muito muito obrigado!!

Today i arrived safely at Briviesca (Es), and tomorrow the next stop will be Poitiers (F).
The coming week, after I am "a little bit" used to life in the Netherlands again :), and a bit rested from the great travel, of course I will post more photos of the residency, and... of the results of the new azulejos and vases, and paintings!
See you soon and thank you for all your support!

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