Me & Alentejo nature

“Every year I have to re-connect with the land,
I have to feel the cool evening breeze, that is always right on time,
experience the burning heat,
listen to the frogs, that, just after the sunset, start their conversations
and listen to the scheep bells in the night.
Sometimes this takes days…

I have to fully emerge, be one with her.
Getting re-acquainted with her rhythm and the color of her light at every time of the day. Learning to smell the scent of rain in the air.
After I have experienced all of this into the deepest fiber of my being,
only then I can start to paint this intense landscape."

Ingrid Simons
Juni 2019

A photo update from painting craziness in my studio.
Already so happy wirh all research, projects and results!

And just before my artist talk on June 9th :

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