Wednesday 27th of June was a very special day. It was the final presentation of my 2 month residency at Obras Art Residencies and our Open Studios. José Rodrigues dos Santos presented at my open studio a short inview in a beautiful article he has been working on for 4 years about his vision on my work. I feel very honoured & more to follow!

I will be leaving Alentejo very fulfilled and with very exhiting plans for next year!

And it was my 20 year graduation jubilee day! 26.09.1999!!
It has been such an amazing and inspiring 2 months😊. I am so happy and proud of my research, my development and of course my new works! I have developed a new working process, created a new body of work in oil and ceramic and have started very interesting cooperation projects, a.o. with my new short film.
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